Strata Consulting

Strata Consulting As You Need It

You may not need full-service strata management in Sydney, but what about some customized professional advice? Strata Sydney can provide you with a full range of strata consulting services to fill in the gaps that your self-managed strata scheme may have.

Paperwork That Is Hassle-Free

The first thing that Strata Sydney can take off your hands is paperwork. This includes handling meeting minutes, past due levy notices, levy collections, annual budgets, document files, and income tax filing. We can also facilitate your banking as well as accounts payables and receivables. With our customized strata management Sydney software, you can also view your reports online so that you are always in the loop about now everything looks from a financial standpoint.

Strata Sydney can also review rules for the common areas, by-laws, and the owner corporate agreements, or draft originals if necessary. We have years of experience in strata consulting in Sydney with apartment buildings, mixed-use buildings, commercial properties, business parks, shopping centres, and subdivided residential communities.

Property Management That You Can Rely On

Our strata consulting services also include property management. Depending on what type of property you have, you may need a building manager who lives on the property or one who is available during office hours.

For example, in an apartment or condo building, you may need a building manager who lives on the property, to fix problems as they arise, like plumbing leaks or electrical problems. In a high rise office tower, you may need more of a front desk security guard who can also order maintenance services during office hours.

Strata consulting services from Strata Sydney can adjust to fit all of the different types of buildings and communities in the Sydney area. A condo or apartment manager from Strata Sydney can go so far as to keep the peace in building with residential lot owners or just supervise maintenance workers and collect rents and levies in an office building during the week.

Individual Lot Letting Made Simple

Strata Sydney is also fully licensed to let commercial and residential lots in your properties. We can advertise, collect rent and deposits, and screen potential tenants to get your strata investment properties leased according to the by-laws of your property.  Talk to one for our leasing agents today to find out more about how we can start letting your properties in the Sydney area.

Strata Consulting From Development To Existing Buildings

Strata consulting from Strata Sydney can start with the initial development plans of your property and then go all the way to the management of existing buildings, even if they are in distress. Whether you have questions about a property in the planning stages or if you simply aren’t happy with your current strata management Sydney team, give us a call today and we will start giving you the professional advice and information that you need to keep your properties running smoothly.